Lockjaw – Without You [Locked Concept]

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Tunes

Lockjaw has proven himself as a versatile producer in several different corners of the DNB community. From his dancefloor smashing creations to his mood melting liquid ventures. Lockjaw is synonymous with high quality productions. The sampler for his forthcoming album drops August 2nd, and from the sound of things Lockjaw really steps out with a colorful collection of work sure to carry the listener through many dimensions of the Drum & Bass sound.

(Audio Here)

“Without You” opens with pulled back hardcore breakbeat vibes. The rave vibe are on high featuring full blown old school vocal samples and Piano riffs. The track quickly adds more modern elements with the drums and synth stabs. At the dance section the listener is bombarded with a cycling drum pattern. As the drums straighten out old school pianos cascade. eloquent execution with the percussive accents give the track its grit and creates a seamless blend of old and new elements.

Lockjaw has never allowed himself to be pigeon hold into a sound. His constant attention to quality and detail with his releases has made him a fun producer to follow. Be sure to keep an ear out for his forthcoming album “Human Research”.


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I touched wax for the first time when I was 12 years old and since have been blessed to share music in the majority of states in the USA. I have a wide spanning passion for mixing that reaches far beyond any one musical genre or dance floor. I work at Geomagnetic Recordings and am 1/2 of High Society DNB. Current location: San Francisco