Logan D & SoulUrge feat. MC Darrison – Blue Skies [FREE]

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Tunes

Now who exactly is SoulUrge? Something I asked immediately when I came across this tune. Does Logan D know? Is SoulUrge actually Logan D? I wanted more, I need more. Under the impression that SoulUrge is alias of someone testing waters outside the Jump Up realm, this tune is a very healthy roller with some very powerful male vocals backing it by the one and only emcee Darrison. In my personal opinion it is really hard to get decent male vocals on a drum and bass track that is not comparable to a solid block of cheese. But this one nailed it. Vocals with substance. It is a blessing in disguise and maybe just the thing we all needed to hear. Let’s take a listen.

As someone who took a mild a break from everything this was the perfect tune to come back to. Easily relatable, the vocals are exactly what anyone needs to hear especially when you are trying to get out of the worst of times. It is never the worst of times and if you hit it is only temporary. Darrison said it best. “It don’t matter how hard, or how long. Through the storm, the rain and the pain.” Just keep on, just keep moving on. You can grab this freebie from the soundcloud page or right down below as a freebie. Well worth it, help yourself!


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