Logistics – Sentimentality

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Tunes


Hospital Records vet Logistics is back with another brilliant full length album in Electric Sun. The tune I’d like to bring up today “Sentimentality” digs deep into the soul of drum and bass, with uplifting keys, strings, rolling bass line progressions and groovy vocal sampling. Logistics has a way that just brings out a dancy aspect to a melodic liquid tune. The influence of jazz/funk is very prominent with Sentimentality, bringing in those smooth guitar riffs in and around the breakdowns playing off of the vocals and keys with precision. This has to be my personal favorite track on this album because it really embodies the style of this producer. I highly recommend listening to the whole album being that Logistics gets into some of the deeper sub genres of dnb on this one. To many times we just let music come and go, “whats next?” or “who’s the next big name producer?” So, for this album, and this tune especially… forget whats next, or who’s what, or all the hype. Kick off your shoes and listen to a musician who’s been doing this for years without fail, and continues to impress us with quality music on all fronts. Released 3/25/16 on digital and vinyl so buy this album and play it LOUD!

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