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With Summer finally coming to a close in the northern hemisphere temperatures begin to drop and the general populace spends less and less time outside. Meanwhile the festival circuit it’s just about over and events heading back into the clubs and warehouses. Your favorite producers are heading back into the studio to continue writing that music that moves you every single weekend. This time around of rounded up five different releases but have been exceptionally slamming.

#1. The Clamps – Odyssey LP [Kosenprod]

The outfit known as the clamps is back on KosenProd camp with a massive album ready to rock the neurofunk world. This 14 track show of force is hands-down the best work yet from the French Powerhouse producer. Featuring an array of world class Cutting Edge Neurofunk and top notch sound design skills the LP has some heavy weight collaborators. Collaborations include Nickbee Merikan, Nuklear MC, Mizo , Impak, and Snotrocket. This one is not to be messed around with and is due to release September 24th you can listen to the LP below.

#2. L Plus – Rocks.

Slovakian badman L Plus is back on the legendary technique recording a huge single entitled “rocks”. This sci-fi fueled dance floor banger covers all the bases with powerful leads, synth wave inspired percussion and a whopping bass line create immense pressure in the dance. This one’s out now on technique recording and can be listened to below.

3#. Eazy & Bou – The Shimada Clan EP [DTR]

Jump up heavy Hitters Bou and Eazy come full force with their latest contribution on american imprint digital terror recordings. This one features four tracks which feature progressive high energy fueled leads the lowest of the low baselines. Bou has had a incredible year so far with huge releases on multiple imprints in the scene and this one is no different. This ones out now on Digital terror Recordings.

#4. This one comes courtesy of Serbian producer missing with the recent release of his latest EP on Terra Firma. This one covers a lot of ground in only four tracks. Featuring some techy and contemporary full time slow down halftime steppers that are sure to get you stepping. This one’s out now and is not to be missed. ( see what i did there ).

#5. LCKDLP001 – Human Research

The mighty Lockjaw has had quite the year so far with the creation of his own imprint locked concept and the completion of his first album entitled ” human research”. By now you have almost certainly heard these Tunes doing their rounds acrossed the entire Global circuit. Lockjaw has proven once more that he is capable of a vast array of forward-thinking drum and bass music. The album has ten tracks all of which or pure mastery. This one is out next week on the 27th and is highly recommended to give it a listen.


Last but not least we have the legendary Saxxon delivering a 10 ton blast of pure jungle and drum & bass pressure on the mighty LionDub International. Let Saxxon & Friends take you on a 23 track adventure through the depths of rollers, jump up, and ruffneck jungle. This LP features some of the heaviest hitting collaborators in the game right now which take the album to level 10 and above. My favorite cut off the album is “GM Crops” which features a cheeky midnight request line style lead before obliterating time and space with tearing percussion that will incinerate the club. This ones out now and can satisfy a wide arrange of styles perfect for picking up as DJ Tools.

And can be purchased here >>> http://smarturl.it/action_saxxon

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