Lokshot’s Heavy Hitters Tune Roundup!

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Tunes

With 2018 off to a full swing there is no shortage of incredible music being released in the drum and bass circuit right now. Today we are going to dive into a plethora of my favorite tunes being released at the moment.


#1 Lets start this off with some properly weighty rolling material by one of the scenes finest acts in the rollers department. Need For Mirrors. Actively releasing on handfuls of Drum and Bass’s highest quality labels Need For Mirrors is one of those acts who can always certify quality before even listening to the tune. This time around we are checking out “VETO” Which is out now on PROGRAM (Ram’s more experimental and contemporary little sister).

Veto starts its tone with full time percussion and well orchestrated backing elements bringing the atmosphere to level 10. Veto continues rolling into the drop with eclectic percussive elements and a slapping bassline driving the tune forward full speed. This ones sure fire to get the dance moving!

#2 Teddy Killerz & Synergy – Smooth. Changing the pace up is this theatrical banger from the combination of incredible production outfits Teddy Killerz & Synergy. Smooth starts its tone with an epic soundscape immediately building heaps of tension right out of the gate with battle horns and aggro percussion smashing into the forefront before a “smooth” vocal sample can be heard right before dropping into a jump up esque belter. Smooth smashes away with top level energy clawing away into dance with a hard stepping groove.

#3 Culture Shock – East Block.

Coming in hot from his last release “Bunker” that was shelled all around the world Culture Shock brings us his second part of the series entitled “East Block”. A precise contemporary dance-floor groover that touch’s a wide variety of vibes. East Block brings a hot and heavy heavy synth laden feel to Culture Shock’s timeless sense of production drenched in atmosphere paired with an otherworldly soundscape that is ever evolving throughout the tune.

#4 L33- So Dope

L33 smashes his first contribution of the year with his “Mafia” EP which delves into the harder and darker moods of the drum and bass sound. So Dope is a laser sharp wolves tooth ready to draw blood given the chance. The tune starts with a heavily Sci Fi oriented element backed by the vocals of the legendary Coppa ripping through the sonic environment. The tune drops into a heavily grooving and menacing flow soaked in copious amounts of reese to give the tune a punch.


More to come in this series!

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