Lokshot’s Mid Summer Murker’s Volume 1.

by | Aug 15, 2018 | Tunes

This summer has been a huge showing for top notch tunes from around the world. With the festival circuit in full swing and Let it Roll, Boom Town, and Beats For love behind us here are some tunes doing damage currently around the globe.

#1 Telekinesis – Beware EP featuring Jade & Nuklear. The dynamic duo that is Telekinesis hits the scene once more with heavy hitting collaborators is a fist full of energy waiting to be unleashed. Warp is my choice cut off this one for it features a bludgeoning bass line with creative leads and unique FX fills to keep it interesting.

#2T & Sugah – Tripod / Out Of Time

These dutch badboi’s have been busy tearing up western Europe with sets all around the circuit this past year and throwing their own parties Spektrum XL.  This time around they are back on Viper Recordings with an absolute slammer of a single. Tripod brings the hot and heavy dancefloor action where as ” out of time ” lays down a funky 3/4 beat with a more mellow tone to round out the release.

#3 Omni Music – Celestial Changes EP

One of my favorite labels focusing on strictly some of the most experimental jungle / amen ladden tunes in the scene brings another excellent contribution in the world of atmospheric jungle.  Eschaton & Rainforest – Cosmic Ambassadors is probably my favorite cut off the release featuring otherworldly and ethereal tones with brilliant percussion work. This whole EP is fantastic and would highly recommend giving it a listen.

#4 Allied – Kailash & Mindstream

Methlab is back with its BNKR series and with that is the wonderful Allied bringing out a cheeky single. Kailash keeps it techy and rolling with a more minimal feel while maintaining an evolving sci fi fueled atmopshere. The second track Mindstream is a halftime groover to take it super deep with lovely spaced out soundscapes and unique percussion.


#5 Primitive Instinct – Breathless

Soulvent Records keeps the vibes rolling with their summer 2018 compilation! Primitive instinct digs into a moody rolling piece perfect to get the dance floor on its feet. Lovely programming and vocals are the name of the game in this one.


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