Lokshot’s Spring Slammers Pt 3!

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The time has finally come for most of us in the northern hemisphere and with that heat comes fiery tunes. Today we are going to roundup my recent favorites of the past couple of weeks. Lets take a dive into some of cutting edge of drum and bass sound at the current moment.

#1. Crimson – It’s Time
Starting this one off right with some proper liquid atmospheres courtesy of the Italian based label responsible for releasing forward thinking sounds. Crimson steps in with ” It’s Time ” which starts its tone with ethereal atmospherics and fantastic pads. The track rolls into a grooving and carefree mood with light percussion and leads to match.

#2 Toronto Is Broken – YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE  LP

Toronto is broken debuts his brilliant album on the mighty Viper Recordings with a 16 track showcase of diverse style. The LP covers huge ground ranging from soulful and moody vocal driven liquid to dark and heavy dance floor pummelers to set the night of. My favorite cuts off the Album are ” I Am ” ,  the title tracked ” You Are Not Alone” and ” What you do with what you have “. This is a must listen and essential for a Dj’s crate as well. Do not sleep on TiB! This ones out now on Viper Recordings. listen to it here

#3 Mindscape – The Reanimator Chapter 2.

The legendary Mindscape is back once again with a devilish EP on Eatbrain Recordings. This pioneering sound from the early days of neurofunk has proven time and time again his undeniable funk is a force to be reckoned with. The Reanimator part 2 dives into your brain with cerebral cutting bass lines and top notch percussion solidifying its place on the dance floor. This ones out now. Give it a listen here

#4. Skeptical – Enjoy This Trip LP

One of the deep drum and bass pioneering forces the dextrous Skeptical debuts his album on the legendary Exit Records. This album takes you on a trip around the vast world of deep and contemporary styled drum and bass, half time, and abstract left field bass cuts. This album will make even the toughest of chin strokers get down. Some of my favorite cuts are ” Void “, ” Violet “, and Pitch Black. This one covers all bases of Skeptical’s style and the effort can be heard ringing through out. This is the future of contemporary Bass music. Listen to it here.

#5  Overlook A3. Ritual ft. Mono

One of the autonomic scenes biggest contributors comes Overlook with his latest release on UVB-76 music. Drenched in overflowing layers of thick and sulty soundscapes with an occultish theme comes UVB-76’s 8th release. Overlook lays down some of the heaviest of deep and brooding bass lines to go deeper than ever thought possible.

#6 Oliver Yorke – The Gift

Keeping the theme so far out in the left field this ones another massive contender in the realm of all things abstract and experimental. Oliver Yorke stands out as one of forward thinking producers in the scene in my eyes always bringing some of the most unique sounds and style to the table. This time around he brings us “The Gift ” on Cosmic Bridge. The Gift leads as the Ep’s title track and takes you on an ethereal journey of spaced out soundscapes that deny reality and substitute it with luxurious atmospheric’s and carefully programmed breaks in the mix combined with interesting vocal samples and effects.

#7 Ivy Lab – Fortune Teller

With the the release of their Debut album on 20/20 Ldn the Ivy Lab camp has brought quite possibly one of the biggest releases in the deep zone with this one. My choice cut off the album is a bone chilling track entitled “Fortune Teller”  which starts its with a tripped out panning effect ping ponging left-right-left-right as a vocal sample remnant of a female mystic hauntingly speaks throughout before dropping into a wonky hip hop beat kinda sparking a J Dilla vibe. This hair raising half time tune switches up in the second drop bringing even more cinematic sounds and interesting fills to the board. Death Don’t Always Taste Good…….

#8 Signs – Negative Contact

The French production outfit signs brings a screaming release on Trendkill Recordings. Signs have been releasing some serious tunes for a few years now delving from neurofunk to half time this act is diverse with a fist full of releases on various labels. This time around Signs brings a stompy ” Neuro-Jump ” track to the arena featuring gritty and clawing bass matched with an equally dreading atmosphere.

#9 Bladerunner – The Crazy Dragon.

One of the reigning king of the rollers the stellar Bladerunner proves once again he knocks every release out of the ball park. This time around is no different with a 4 track release on his own imprint. Fat slamming percussion with oldschool kung fu samples and a bassline that can absolutely tear the roof off the venue this ones been in my bag.

# 10 Levela – Exhale

Staying true to the contemporary jump up / big body rollers sound is Levela with his latest release on the mighty Prototypes ” Get Hype Records ” which has shown nothing but absolute bangers in recent months. Levela’s Exhale is a wicked darker stepping tune which features rock solid percussion and a wonky but mature bassline that could be snuck into sets of most styles. The tune features some rather interesting use of vocal samples and fills with a creeping atmosphere to match.


#11 Zombie Cats – Vandalism

The Australian outfit responsible for some serious Neuro tunes over the years is back on Ignescent recordings with a single to light the dance floor ablaze. Zombie Cats “Vandalism” is a full throttle white knuckle soundtrack for the more rowdy crowds and breaking of speed limits. Heavy chugging basslines with electrifying leads makes this one a solid contender in a Dj’s crate.



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