Lokshot’s Summer Smashers Part 1

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The global scene is in full swing with countles events and festivals goin on all around the globe at the moment. There is a incredible amount of new music being released and its hard to keep track of sometimes, in todays articles we are going to cover 10 releases that have been smashing it lately! So hold onto your knickers and enjoy the ride!


Taking things off the bat is a wicked contribution by IN:DEEP music crew, featuring some top contenders in the realm of deep drum and bass and halftime sounds at the moment, The whole EP features an array of progressive and forwards thinkings sounds and is a must listen to anyone into the more abstract tunes at the moment. Give it a listen below.

#2 Frame – Primitive Jungle EP ( The Dreamers Recs.)

One of the most consistent and evolving labels quite possibly in the entirety of the scene right is back once again with another fantastic release. Back once again with another Italian badboy Frame steps in with a versatile and widely diverse sound in this 6 track ep. Big foot is my favorite cut off the EP and is a certified murker. Highly recommend giving this one a listen

#3 Salaryman – Piece of cake.

Take a load off with the tantalizing sounds of Salaryman’s latest release with the mighty Program. Salaryman has a widely diverse range of sounds and this time he takes to the liquid side for a chilled out whimsical roller bringing summer to you no matter where you are. This ones out now on Program.

#4 Memtrix – Of The Ice / Blood Run

The young don of sound design is back with a jaw dropping release on Viper Recordings, Memtrix has been a leading force in progressive sound design since his early days and continues to impress me with every piece of content he touches, Quite simply he is one of those producers that really perplex me with their level of production every. single. time. Memtrix smashes this one with his moody and pop-goth styled sound with splashes of ethereal euphoria and melancholic vibes while still remaining in contention for serious dance floor capabilities. This is a must grab. This one keeps the cinematic sounds alive and kickin…

#5 Leeroy Thornhill – Wait For Me – The Prototypes Remix

What happens when Ex The Prodigy badman and the legendary Prototype boys come together for a release? Absolute world shattering sounds is what does. This group of madmen have just cooked up one of this summers hottest tunes, from those unmistakable lead stabs to the Prototypes finesse on remix duties this one goes off with white knuckle fury to ignite the speakers. 110% a sure fire way to start a riot…..

#6 Cyantific – Wild Child.

Cyantific proves once more he’s on top of his game with this chilled out vocal fueled liquid-dance contribution on Viper. Prepping for his Bloodline album release this one features some luscious vocal’s while still maintaining some of Cyantific’s signature synth sounds to keep true to the vibe.

#7 Blacklab – Human Condition

Keeping the liquid theme rolling (no pun intended, or was it) comes las vegas based brother duo Blacklab with a release on the consistent and progressing Soulvent Records. Explore the atmospheric sounds of Blacklab with this one which is out now on Soulvent!

#8 Kusp – Shadowed ( Detail Recordings )

From the mighty Lynx’s own label comes Kusp’s first release boasting a mighty halftime smasher to knock you out of your seat. Shadowed starts off with a deep, maniacal, and dreading atmosphere that leads you believe it is up to no good, and the moment it drops you know thats the case. Shadowed’s intro takes you down a dodgey alley way with a shadowy figure lurking in the back ground who definitely looks like they want to murder you. Suddenly a splash of light comes the drop unleashing a heavily wonky and clown like type of lead. This one hits you with a baseball bat head on with bouncy bass and swooping leads.

#9 Mob Tactics – Dinosaur Rock

Sonic scientists Mob Tactics have brought light to their latest adrenaline pumping lazerbeam fueled style off Drum and Bass. The UK/USA Badboys have been cranking out some of the finest bangers the scene has to offer and with this release its certainly standing up to that. My favorite cut off the EP is “Buckfast”.. Which one could only assume that buckfast may have been used in the production of this behemoth. This track takes you on a bare knuckle boxing match against the mighty beast leaving nothing but carnage in its aftermath.

#10 Bou Feat Stompz – No Love – Souped Up Records

Serum’s Souped up records continue to absolutely smash it with every release so far. The mighty Bou & Stompz collab on an earth shattering record that is certain the make the ceiling collapse and a sketchy venue near you! or help bring down the roof of a nicer establishment. Featuring behemoth basslines and crushing leads and percussion whats not to love? Keep you ears tuned into this breakout badmen.

This wraps up early the majority of June and until next time, thanks for reading and keep your ears out for all things full spectrum style’s of drum and bass. Get out and support

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