Loud Mouth (Disruption UK Remix) – [Erb N Dub]


Welcome once again my friends to another fresh release! We have Loud Mouth (Disruption UK Remix) out on Erb N Dub record label. Disruption started DJing around 2012 mixing mainly Dubstep. Later he moved into mixing drum and bass around 2013.Djing out in his local scene in Portsmouth UK. Running a few of his own events and radio show with his older brother. And booking a few big names in the game while at it. He has also played at a local small festival a couple times. Drawing inspiration from ones like Andy C, A.M.C., and Mampi Swift. He has a high energy style filled with a cross between neuro and dancefloor. Occasionally playing some liquid and roller tunes to switch it up. Dabbling in production since 2016 and focusing even more since 2022 has landed him first place in this remix competition. Now we hope to hear more!

Disruption UK Q&A

Q: What made you decide to enter the contest?

A: I’ve been producing on and off for a fair few years and always wanted to enter a remix comp. The amount of remix stems I’ve collected over the years is mental. I never really had the skills or ability to finish those previous remix’s or my own tunes in the past, but I was really determined to get this one finished once the remix started to really come together. As much as it was stressful having that deadline is a good kick up the arse to get things finished which really helped.

Q: What kind of approach did you want to take with the track?

A:  I just wanted to slap people in the face and make it as aggressive as possible. I love mixing fast paced stomper tunes so I tried to create that in this remix. Listening to people like Noisia, Audio, Prolix, Misanthrop, Pendulum, Burr Oak, Merikan, Mizo, I could go on! I hope you can kind of hear all the influences in there. But yeah I just wanted to make a tune for the dancefloor that slaps when it drops! The 4×4 part of the tune I wanted to kind of calm it down before it built to the stitch part of the mix at the end.

Q: How much of the original song or samples did you use?

A: I used all the stems and samples provided apart from one stem. I just couldn’t get it to fit without changing the tone of my remix. I did manage to take the horn sample from the original tune that wasn’t given in the stems folder…it was like the last finishing touch for the intro build! You can hear it just creep in before it drops!

Q: What is your favorite element of the original track?

A: Tough one. Probably the Reese and the Breaks? There’s some proper disgusting basses that Erb does a great job of creating….you’re a wizard Harry, love a good Reese! The intro Pad and the Vox Vocal was also really nice as well. Had that kind of old school feel to it which really made the original tune catchy to me. There’s also this bass stab that Pete put on the intro that was labelled as an FX part. That bass slaps when it comes in before the build (0.43min).

Q: How long did it take to complete the track?

A:  Right up to the deadline day I ran out of time finishing off the remix and felt it wasn’t good enough to be entered. I was really unsure whether to upload it or not. Even after my last minute dodgy DIY Master but my partner convinced me to upload it. Looking back now that was the best bit of advice I took, she’s a good egg. I honestly didn’t think it would even get picked for the top 10, let alone win! I was just happy to put my first track out and gain a few plays. Life is mad sometimes.

Q: When can we expect more tracks by you?

A: Soon. My goals are to get one or two releases and a mix out before the end of the year. I have a hard drive full of old projects that need finishing. Same as every producer it’s just a never ending thing. I’ve just moved to a flat and only just got my studio set back up. I’m working on some of my own music, a collab, and a bootleg of a Prodigy tune.

A word of appreciation from Disruption UK

Just want to say a big thanks to Pete (Erb N Dub) shouts to all the runners up and everyone who entered the comp, and to everyone who’s been streaming, buying and sharing Loud Mouth (Disruption UK Remix) – [Erb N Dub]. Can’t thank everyone enough. Cheers!

Loud Mouth (Disruption UK Remix) – [Erb N Dub] is available for streaming and for purchase along with the three other runner-up tracks here! Also find all of Disruption UK’s social links to stay updated on new releases here!


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