LowRiderz – Moving Images EP [Calypso]

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Hoogs’s with his “One Hundred Percent Tough” EP was the last thing we’ve seen come from Calypso in a while. LowRiderz is right on schedule if you ask me. This 4 track EP featuring friends holds one of my most favorite tunes from LowRiderz “Money” which I’ve been regularly commenting on the soundcloud timeline for its release. Not sure if its out, it was suppose to be out. Low Down Deep says the 3rd of October but I’m going to cover it anyways. Jumping right into “Money”, following up with that is the name of the release “Moving Images”.


You know the routine, extra large player to contain the beast. I absolutely love the samples in this, I also need every sub low banger ever produced for some reason. I’ve been waiting a really.. really long time for this tune in particular. The vocal licks on this are so timely and so perfect its exactly what I want from a dance floor tune. This is the ace of the release of you ask me.

Moving Images

This is like the cousin to “The Plant VIP”, which I rather enjoy very much. I think incredible that momentum can be sustained with minimal percussion and a solid bass line. LowRiderz did the tune of this release proper if you ask me, which I have zero education in producing and this is just from my listening stand point. Tunes that lack the right amount of percussion or bass(or both) tend to ultimately be stationary tunes. Without double dropping they keep people pinned up, with nothing more than a head nod. Stationary drum and bass is hopefully seeing the end of days, but people have taken drum and bass and more particularly jump up drum and bass to such extent I wouldn’t be surprised if it decided to make a come back. As always, the rest of the release is featured below with your option to rate this release and leave a comment on how you feel, because we care!

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