M³ – Monday Morning Motivation with dEEb (6/19/2017)

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Almost every single one of these tunes is dated. Obviously, not a bad thing when we have dinosaurs still playing on techs(could you imagine for real). I’m actually a huge fan of digging into the 200X+ tunes and seeing if we can’t bring them back to life with the help of some of these new guys. All that a simple tracklist and some links to help you get where you need to go down below!


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#001.| London Elektricity – Billion Dollar Gravy
#002.| Majistrate – Step Up (VIP 3)
#003.| Renegade – Terrorist (Suspect)
#004.| Bass Brothers – A Little Mad
#005.| Marvellous Cain feat. Cutty Ranks – The Hit Man (T>I)
#006.| FireFox – Buck Rogers (Bladerunner)
#007.| Macky Gee – Dickhead (Jayline)
#008.| Voltage – Heaven Is High
#009.| Macky Gee – Bounce
#010.| Modified Motion – Bloody Knuckles
#011.| Noisia – Voodoo (Outer Edges)
#012.| Agressoor Bunx – Claiming Race
#013.| Ego Trippin’ – Control
#014.| Sly, Pasco – 5 Tones
#015.| Danny Byrd feat. General Levy – Blaze The Fire (Sub Zero)
#016.| Heist – Fappy
#017.| Rowney – Cheek Of It
#018.| Jayline, Brockout – With Me
#019.| Sunshine Productinos – Above The Clouds (Vibes, Wishdokta)
#020.| Serum – Blackmetal
#021.| Heist – Cob On
#022.| T>I – Bad Man
#023.| Gran Calvera – Come With Me
#024.| Voltage – Junky Yard Dog
#025.| Commix – Be True
#026.| Heist – Crab Meat
#027.| Majistrate – Beware
#028.| Greyscale – Impossible Dream
#029.| Original Sin – Dangerous

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