M³ – Monday Morning Motivation with dEEb – @BrandonDNB (4/17/2017)


Monday Morning Motivation feels so good to be back on the air, and if that wasn’t enough my friends and family made it apparent they do too. Truly blessed to have all this universal support, no longer feeling alone in this. Today’s mission pack, tracklist, stream, and download. Can all be found down below. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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#001.| Sigma feat. Doctor – Rudeboy VIP
#002.| Noisia – Dead Limited (Kursiva, Paradox)
#003.| Sub Focus – Follow The Light
#004.| Original Sin – Thermal Image
#005.| Tantrum Desire – Electronic Brain
#006.| Prototypes feat. Amy Pearson – Don’t Let Me Go (Big Top Mix)
#007.| Jayline, Split Personality – Time Travel
#008.| Ego Trippin’ – Thrill Seekers
#009.| Dub Motion – Low Sun
#010.| Original Sin – Cheater Cheater
#011.| Voltage – Suspicious
#012.| Pleasure – Rolla
#013.| Faction, Modified Motion – Charges (Supreme Being 1)
#014.| Hazard feat. Summer Rayne – Roll On My Level
#015.| Original Sin – Warp Speed
#016.| Serum, Substance – Homeboyz (Serum VIP)
#017.| Version – Come See
#018.| Tyke – Flower Of Life
#019.| Voltage, Serum – Bangers
#020.| Blade – Baba Yaga
#021.| T>I – Hammerhead
#022.| G Dub – Tink Ya Bad
#023.| Hard Evidence – Black Widow (Taxman)
#024.| Original Sin – 50-50
#025.| Danny Byrd feat. Liquid – Sweet Harmony
#026.| Annix – Nuff Sound Can’t Play
#027.| Cabbie – Dark Dark
#028.| J Majik, Wickaman, Hype feat. Daddy Earl – Rollin’ It
#029.| Dub Motion – Off The Record
#030.| Barikade, Jayline – Digital Pimp
#031.| Phantom Warrior feat. Soultrain – Can’t Handle Me
#032.| Lowriderz – Good Chune
#033.| London Electricity – Different Drum (Dilinja)


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