A.M.C & Turno – Collision EP [TITAN]

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Turno time, AMC time. What time is it exactly? It’s time to pick apart this release and see if these guys mean business. AMC synonymous to Drum & Bass. Turno however progressing and building a name at an alarming rate. This is one of the very few times a Jump Up Drum And Bass producer meets with a very literal Drum And Bass producer. I’m glad these two were able to mind the gap. Besides owning Titan Records, AMC with releases on some other massive labels such as VIPER, Mainframe and Proximity brings Turno along for the ride with this massive ground breaking release on AMC’s Titan Records. Talking about these two is going to be very… audio-prolific.

Now back in August we covered the first release on the digital D-Stortion Records, owned by Dominator label backed by Logan D of Low Down Deep which featured Turno. Upon said release we covered ‘Time To Play’ one of the many massive tunes on the release. Today were going to shed some light on some of the..well… lighter stuff. Turno is a very diverse producer even making tunes in the bass and house scene as well. His boundaries knows no limits. But it needs to be apparent when listening to a producer to actually see how diverse one can be. If you listen to one tune by an artist does that pass judgement on all the tunes they could possible make? If your answer is anything but no please discontinue from reading further.

Jean Jacques Smoothie feat Tara Busch – 2 People (Turno Remix) [D-VINE SOUNDS]

Gentle on the riddim, rolling on the bassline. Vocals to provide the vibe. Not something you would expect from big bad ol’ dark jump up stomper Turno. Take five if you have to. AMC on the other hand, mate.. It’s been what a year? Thank goodness you are back in action because this release on viper from a month ago is pure tune-age. Keeping the vibes before we get into this latest release on AMC’s Titan. We have Six Blade with AMC and the beautiful Ayah Marah.

Six Blade, A.M.C feat. Ayah Marah – Hardest To Love [VIPER]


Well Lads and Birds, it is time to jump into this juggernaut of a release. Containing my number one pick from the entirety of the ‘Collision EP’ let’s take a listen.

A.M.C & Turno – Fever

This is one of those tunes so massive it needs the big Soundcloud player to contain the force behind said tune. Heavy on the intro tells us this track means business. Known to cause apparent fevers, this very gritty, bass heavy clicky percussion release is just enough to keep you rolling. When it comes to producing sometimes it’s not about how much noise you can make rather… what kind of noises they are. The sample alone is bone chilling. But..but those clicks, bleeps whatever at 1:17 on the clock just… it just does it for me. It literally makes me want to take my right hand, index finger out and point every time it clicks. I sincerely hope you enjoy this tune as much as I have. It has found its way into my wallet and will be a regular rinse from here on out. Unfortunately I could not find a Soundcloud link that was respectable to the artist and labels mentioned about to talk about my second pick ‘Disconnected’. But it sure is on the release which is out now. Be sure to check out the rest of the tunes below and go follow these guys. Not doing so would be a mistake. I’m dEEb and it was beyond most to be able to talk about these two and this release.

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