M-Zine – Fractals EP [Sofa Sound Bristol]


DLR’s Sofa Sound Bristol has been throwing down some of the finest DnB around ever since its inception roughly three years ago. It is a label with a focus on capturing the depth the genre has to offer, both on and off the dancefloor. Featuring artists such as DLR himself, Dub Head, Black Barrel, and M-Zine, it’s apparent every artist places a focus on the core elements of drums and bass while adding their own unique flair to it. M-Zine’s Fractals EP is the first release by the label of the year, and continues to demonstrate the spotlight on the deep raw side of the music.

The Belgian sound has long reigned supreme in the world of dark drum and bass. “Axiomatic” demonstrates this right off the bat, with the hypnotic click and heavy interplay of drums and bass that create the suspense of energy all DnB lovers crave. As it builds into the drop, the song displays that classic lurching funk sound that is so fun to analyze yet dance to. Once the song is fully underway, a subtle repetitive layer of cymbals gets added that creates a swaying off-feel to the track that twists the listeners mind amongst its vortex of sound. Throughout the track the myriad of layers and samples sneak in and out, creating a seemingly endless amount of depth that makes this such a killer tune.

Splitting the mind open right from the start, “Fractals” begins with a fragmented amalgamation of a rhythm that sounds out of this world and entirely hypnotic. This satisfyingly weird arrangement collides with a complex drum pattern that sounds like its trying to go everywhere at once. A techy monster of a stepper filled with all the classics elements of clicky cymbals, sci-fi vibes, and a bouncy deep bassline, this is a track that does it all: whether you want to space out on the interplay of all layers or skank your heart out to the fractious beat, there is something for you here.

“Scrutinize” is one for those who love a thick and heavy tune. The track is complex in its minimalism; this allows for its hard-hitting rhythm to keep things raw, while employing melodic samples and exploratory basslines to counterpoint it just right. Like the other tracks on this EP, M-Zine showcases his talent for creating tracks that spellbind the mind while also vibrating the body to its core. Each layer is emitted repetitively and when added together make the track sound deceptively complex – this is a core element of producing modern electronic music, one that is a joy to listen to and one that DJ’s can blend in endless ways with tracks of their choice.

Starting off 2020 with a bang, this latest release from Sofa Sound Bristol is a must have for anyone who loves Drum and Bass and its devotion to staying ahead of the curve. Cop this one without delay!




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