M4 – Fade EP [Addictive Recordings]

by | Jun 11, 2023 | Tunes

Hello to all the drum and bass crew! Today we would like to share a brand new release by M4. Coming out on with Fade EP on Addictive Recordings. M4 is a talented producer from Georgia U.S.. The upcoming producer was introduced to the world in 2022. Rising up out of the latest American drum and bass movement. He brings his military background and experience of the drum and bass trenches. A decade of production under his belt and M4 is drawing a crowd of his own and wont stop until his sound reaches around the world. With global support from Close2Death UK, Banana Bass, DarkSide, MIBIT, Smack Down Recordings as well as others, the world is waking up to the power that is the M4.


The first track is the hard hitting self titled banger Fade. Starting out with some synth vocals, gut punching kicks and lumbering bass line. Following into a intensifying build up to a funky drop. Rolling through with crisp, crunchy bass and hefty drums. The track takes a turn to a funky little bridge that sets it a blaze before the break and at the end.


This one is fully funkified! Bringing it in with some peculiar sound effects and playful hi hats. A little build drops into the slamming beat and bold bass progression. This one gives you more moves than gelatin. The track keeps evolving and strengthening its funky vibe through and through.


The last track is takes a different “turn”. Erie atmosphere lingers till hi hats place timing into a build up. The bass brings a kind of grinding, winding feeling combined with rhythmic hits. More bass layers are added as the track carries on creating creating a climax of tension between the call and answer elements.

This EP was released on the 9th and is available here!

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