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Slovakian record label Drumatch Records is about to deliver a dynamite dose of the most dangerous drum and bass with the ‘Machines LP’ hitting major music outlets very soon. A massive compilation of 26 artists including selections from the Drumatch roster results in a hefty release stacked with powerful tracks that hit hard with brutal basslines, savage stabs and enough energy for the most monstrous mixes. Let’s deconstruct the ‘Machines LP’ from Drumatch Records and take a look at what brings this 18 track beast to life.




If you’re on the hunt for some absolutely brutal bangers look no further the ‘Machines LP’ is overflowing with savage selections like “Monsters & Demons” from The Carnage Corps that explodes with energy at the drop hard, dark and heavy with blasting basslines and techy, robotic drums or Kryzys’ “Disparity” with a steppy rhythm that blasts between colorful basslines with massive power. Gorebug supplies an edgy addition in “GTFU” that goes in from the first beat with hardcore broken beats similar in fashion to Savage’s track “Fear” a big belter with clean composition and hard hits. Coman Dante & Peter Kurten bring beastly vibes with “Stranger Things”, brutally relentless it’s a wild display of hardcore drum and bass with solid variation throughout the composition and don’t miss Akrom’s “Pyramidion” a crazy crossbreed of monstrous sounds.







Amplifying the album with insane amounts of energy The Martens “Rockin” has an ‘in your face’ attitude with brilliant high end attention it’s jumpy and aggressive with solid balance on the low end. Max Shade brings a banger with “Biohazard” full of mutant vibes and militant beats it’s mechanical and dangerous increasing the intensity of the ‘Machines LP’ much like the beautiful monster Dykman & Dekel deliver with “Fredy”; forceful beats, insane change ups, masterful manipulation on the vocal sample this one will explode with power in the mix. “Moderna” from Humanon & Esym provides intricate attention to detail in sound design with this neurofunk-roller hybrid it’s balanced and thick while C-Netik designs dangerous drums and beefy basslines in “Oasis”. “Can’t Stop” from Section 63 keeps things moving with this dark, bouncy roller full of deep bass and steady beats and Kutlo’s “On The Edge” harbors a hybrid jumpy influence with devious undertones and ridiculous rhythms ripping into a ravenous down tempo half time switch at the second drop.





A malevolent MACHINE this LP continues to pummel and pound raging on with Shmidoo’s “Systema” rave ready set to ravage the dance floor with its complexity in the drum design and energy levels that are one of a kind in this punchy stomper complimented well by “PoP” from Frequax supplying that high end sweetness with thick bouncy beats amidst a grisly bassline its danceable and fun. BSA’s “Soundbound” delivers a wonderful crossover between banging beats and warm synths to push the mood high while Trilo orchestrates the keys amidst elastic neuro vibes in “Flatbox” that sway between the booming bassline. Last but not least is “Shapeshifter” from Blast giving a groovy energy as the highs stab broken between dynamic drums and a daring bassline that will no doubt do some damage to the dance floor.

You can grab your copy of this monumental release from Drumatch Records January 29, 2021 
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