Madcap & Ricky Force ‘The Allegiance Project’ [MAC 2 Digital]

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‘The Allegiance Project’ from Madcap and Ricky Force incoming on MAC 2 Digital is a must have release for the entire Junglist Massive. Label owner Randall certainly knows the ins and outs of Jungle music and has hit the sweet spot with the compilation of these two artists creating a masterpiece in a well balanced release full of nostalgic vibes and modern flare. Let’s take a look at what Madcap and Ricky Force have forged in this knockout EP.

Madcap’s “Moroccan Sun” manipulates time to build an indigenous vibe as an elongated intro kicks in steady with a solid rhythm enhanced by a vocal snippet and aptly placed effects to set the scene for a choir of cords and beastly booms of bass building to the beef of the drop. The harmony carries into the composition, grooving over deep basslines to design a smooth jungle vibe. “Moroccan Sun” is an extremely animated track experiencing frequent manipulations its elements as Madcap exhibits his artistry in the structure of this track. A perfect selection to set the tone in a set for the seasonal transition “Moroccan Sun” is like basking in the glow of the warm summer months to come.

“Original Strut” creeps in on the light highs presenting a loose vibe to center the spotlight on the daring drop. A busy beat flows over a clever bass line that climbs and falls to create solid depth in the composition of this track. Flowing like fire for a long, smooth mix “Original Strut” is untamed packed with endless elements spanning the complete spectrum of jungle. The experience and vast skill set of this veteran producer showcase an immense amount of talent pouring through this track; “Original Strut” from Madcap is one to entice old and new heads alike.

A mystifying atmospheric intro leads the way into “Morality” when the drums kick in like a heartbeat; smooth and steady as a calm vocal harmonizes ‘it’s so good’ … and it is! The build crawls along effortlessly as Ricky Force sets the tone to flashback into the days of old school jungle music that we all know and love. An exciting drop awaits full of creative basslines rolling under jungle rhythms as they tumble and fall into the deepest depths of the unknown. The thought process to revert to a more classic sound is evident in the percussive elements of this track combined with a plethora of effects that enhance the mood perfectly which is all tied together through a stunning female vocalization. “Morality” is reminiscent of the history of jungle music yet synchronic to the present day as you can feel the progression to modern production techniques pulsing throughout the entirety of this piece in measures of epic proportions. A must have addition to the collection for old and new Junglists alike “Morality” is great fun to mix and full of good vibes.

You know what’s up? This absolute beast of a track from Ricky Force aptly titled “Whats Up” because this is one solid track that exemplifies what jungle is all about. A mysterious intro harbors a light beat over ambient, atmospheric sounds as the rhythm rides entrancing into the warm old school vibe digging deep into the roots of jungle music. The drop is a masterful composition of deep, grinding, electrifying basslines, dirty amens, perfectly placed effects and bone chilling vocalizations… that’s what’s up!!! A heart stopping breakdown makes “What’s Up” extra intense as we whip back into the second half for another dose of deep, dark jungle. An instant classic I am anxiously awaiting the day we’re back to the rave and I can play this to a room full of people, it’s going to go off big time!!

‘The Allegiance Project’ will be available everywhere on April 27 or grab it now exclusive to Juno

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