Madface – What it Looks Like / Help Me [Liquicity Records]

by | May 14, 2018 | Interview, Tunes

Its starting to feel like summer and nothing says summer better than some amazing summer music. I absolutely found a sizzler with this single called What it looks Like/Help Me.

Madface is making some major moves with the labels that he is releasing under. Not only does he have releases on Let it Roll and RAM Records but his first Liquicity Records single has dropped worldwide on May 7th. What is Looks Like / Help Me features Coppa, Meditation and MVE as vocalists and collaborators on the tracks. What it Looks Like is a smooth sounding song with a heavy rolling bassline, the lyrics flow seamlessly with the music, the breakdown at two minutes in has a nice piano riff and then slowly brings the song back up thru the vocals and drops you into a swaying melody that is for sure going to be a summer time favorite. The second track on the single Help Me has beautiful and soulful lyrics that the music just seems to follow along with. It’s a bit faster than the other song but the vibe and melody are what make it. It also has a small breakdown with some soothing sounds and then right back with the lyrics and half time tone that will fill dancers hearts with delight.

We had a chance to catch up with Madface and get a little deeper into who he is.

Chelsea: Please Introduce yourself and tell us a bit of the history behind Madface .
Madface: Well, my name is Patrik and I love making music. I’ve started to make music almost 8 years ago but my first release came after 1 year on Czech label called Deafmuted Records. A few months later I released track on British label, Liquid Tones and sent it to Liquicity who uploaded to their Youtube channel. After that moment I made few tracks for their compilations and I was really happy for this opportunity. One day Jim from Ram records wrote me on my fanpage and asked if I has some unsigned music for Ram. I remember that I couldn’t believe it and thought it was a fake profile, I wrote him back and sent him my track ‘Bright Future’. He liked it, sent me contract and my another dream came true. I released few tracks on Ram and then came my debut single Hold On. After the release I focused on production and tried to improve it. And now I’m releasing my debut single on Liquicity.

Chelsea: How did you come up with your Moniker, Madface?
Madface: I found out that when I hear perfect music my face looks mad, therefore Madface.

Chelsea: Tell us a bit about making this EP and the inspiration behind it.
Madface: I made ‘Help Me’ with a vocal sample a few years ago and kept it for myself for a long time but when I made ‘What It Looks Like’ I sent it to Liqucity together with ‘Help Me’ and they liked it. Anyway I had to change the vocal sample, so Liquicity connected me to MVE and I think it definitely sounds better, I love his voice! ‘What It Looks Like’ I made few months ago. I got stems for the track from Coppa and Meditation, I really liked the idea so I immediately started work on it. Marvin and Meditation are professionals so work with them was great! My biggest inspiration behind the single was Hanz Zimmer, I tried to make something that comes from myself and I think you can see it in a melody. I always try to express myself via melody.

Chelsea: What is your biggest accomplishment thus far in your career?
Madface: Difficult question! There are a lot of huge accomplishments. Singles on Ram records and Liquicity, playing on main stage of Let it Roll and Beats For Love festivals, invitation to Liquicty Festival and 1st place at Czech DnB Awards as a newcomer.

Chelsea: What drum and bass artist are you currently listening to?
Madface: My favorite drum and bass Artists are Camo and Crooked, I like their new style they came with. Anyway now I’m listening to tracks from Calyx and Teebee.

Chelsea: Can you share with us some future plans or collabs that are in the works?
Madface: I’m just finishing new track with Janine Small and it’s a bit different then any song I have ever made, so I’m really exited about it. And since summer is here, you can see me at some festivals like Beats For Love, Liquicity, Let It Roll, Outdoor rave, and Majales.

Chelsea: Where do you see / hope to see the sound of Drum and Bass evolving in the next few years?
Madface: I think that nowadays drum and bass is cool so I hope if there are any changes, they will only be good.

Chelsea: When you are not doing all thing Drum and Bass, what music and hobbies would we find you listening to and doing?
Madface: As I said I really like Hanz Zimmer, so I often rest with his music. I like listening to Daft Punk, Coldpla and The Weekend. For hobbies, I like cooking so you can often see me in a kitchen.

This producer is one on my list to watch, follow him on his Madface Facebook and check out his newest release.

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