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by | Sep 24, 2019 | Tunes

Maduk has been featured on some of drum ‘n bass’ top labels, including Hospital, Viper, UKF and Monstercat. In addition, the Dutchman is the mastermind behind the imprint, Liquidicity Recordings and the co-producer behind Liquicity Festival – the yearly gathering that amasses more than 10,000 patrons throughout the three-day festival from 60+ countries. Known for uplifting, and forward-driven drum ‘n bass, Maduk unveils his latest single, ‘Everytime’ through the imprint –

Everytime features Haitian-American vocalist, Calixte and is sure to rock the crowd. The opening of the track draws you in through a strong lead,emotional bass and goosebump-raising pads before Calixte’s vocal expertise drops it. Sure to be a sing-along amongst the liquicity crowd, the drop brings that dancefloor vibe that John B made popular through his various styles over a decade ago.

Straight to the speaker, this one cuts through deep. The break steadies the vocal before the drop mashes through again.

If I were to make a prediction, Everytime will be a future classic like DJ Marky & XRS– LK or Shy FX‘s Shake Ur Body.

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