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We’re breaking into a fresh label this week on Best Drum and Bass with the first single landing on the new Elephant Trunk imprint.  Mage delivers a playfully potent dancefloor tune with “Don’t Make Me” to get the summer mood sizzling through festival season and beyond. Let’s take a listen to this steamy single now!


“Don’t Make Me” strides in with a steady pace on bassy kicks, the melody billowing in slow with a tender, warm, inviting glow. The beat ignites inviting an ethereal vocal into the mix with a celestial essence filling in the scene. The composition thickens, amplifying the energy with a massive boost, the enthusiastic vocal samples stuttered within really push this one over the edge for that extra effect to hype the dance. ‘Time to drop’, the cue is hot and “Don’t Make Me” erupts into a dance floor friendly frenzy of bubbly beats and bounding bass to get the room in motion. Vocalizations are drizzled like icing on the cake before a flip in the phrase brings a full verse into the mix, angelically harmonic as it twists in flawlessly keeping the mood and the energy UP! A beautiful blend of percussion formulating the rhythm compliments the melodic groove and overall tender mood. Mage is bringing the magic to the mainstream with “Don’t Make Me” primed for those Summertime sets and the dancefloor drum and bass connoisseur.


“Don’t Make Me” from Mage is available on all digital outlets 31st of May. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE/STREAM


Be sure to keep your eyes locked on Elephant Trunk as they focus on hyping up the dancefloor and liquid styles of drum and bass.

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