Magnetude & Burr Oak – I Want You [Evolution Chamber]

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Magnetude & Burr Oak – I Want You [Evolution Chamber]

Hello to all my drum and bass friends! I have a fresh evolution in the genre to share with you! Not to mention some Q and A with the masterminds themselves. Magnetude & Burr Oak – I Want You [Evolution Chamber] is out now!. Step into a realm where four minds unite. Representing two of the most dynamic duos in recent Drum & Bass history. Anglo-Russian duo Magnetude and French duo Burr Oak come together to deliver the much-anticipated track, Magnetude & Burr Oak – I Want You. Lets get into it!

Q & A with Magnetude & Burr Oak

Q: I really think this track captures the skill and sound of both Magnetude and Burr Oak. How did you get this done?

Julien: The writing process was very easy and intuitive around what we had. We were really into the idea we were sent, and got very inspired. It was a very smooth sailing process.

Rustam: One of the most important things we all agreed on at the start, is that we need to capture the essence of both our projects. This is a collaboration that a lot of people wanted to happen. And so we all wanted to make sure that we did the track justice.

Niko: Both our projects pride ourselves in story-telling narratives. So we wanted to tell a story that was really futuristic, spacey, and vibey. Then the guys had the good idea to expand the emotions with a very orchestral intro. Everything combined and gave it that kind of super emotional story.

James: There’s a mutual respect and admiration we have for each other’s work. That played a huge role in the creative process. And allowed us to trust each other’s instincts and push the boundaries of what we could achieve together.

Q: The intro is very different from other Magnetude tracks. What was the inspiration for this?

James: The intro was actually written towards the final stages of the track. By then, everything was laid out in terms of the drop and vibe. After some discussion we all agreed that while the drop was on point, the intro needed some refining to complement the track as a whole, properly.

Rustam: Julien & Niko told us to take the reins to set a tone and they will take it from there. So me and James set out to establish an atmosphere that was both emotive, fresh and unexpected. But also fit the storytelling narrative that we all had in mind. We made sure to write the elements for the intro with enough headroom for Niko & Julien to come in and add their own touches. We were able to perfectly merge our styles.

Q: When did the collaboration start?

Julien: It was around Two years ago. James and Rustam sent us a WIP for the collaboration and it was so inspiring. As soon as we heard it, we both said “Let’s go!” and immediately dived into it.

Rustam: When we were going through our initial ideas to pitch to the guys, we were really confident that this one would truly fit their style.

Q: There are various expressions throughout the whole track. What is the main feeling you wanted to express?

Julien: We love to have great storytelling in our music. So basically it’s always a mix between emotional and angry stuff. Every time we create new sounds, sequences, sound design, it allows us to choose between different paths to take.

Niko: For this one we wanted to keep the track as much dancefloor as possible but with a meaningful sense. I guess both musical universes mix well together.

Rustam: With a narrative mindset, when incorporating it into music the main thing to express with any track is one of intensity and energy. Keeping the listener engaged from start to finish.

James: We also want the listener to feel that there’s a sense of urgency and momentum that builds throughout. And driving the listener forward throughout the track. We’re all really happy with the final product.

Q: I really hope to hear more like this from Magnetude and Burr Oak and other artists. Are there more collaborations to come out in the future?

Niko: For now, there’s nothing planned yet, but the future is always full of surprises.

Julien: Plus, right now we are both so busy with our own works, as well as our solo work. Also writing our subsequent LP, but we’d love to write more in the future with the guys!

Rustam: We pretty much echo what Julien and Niko said. We too have a lot of solo tracks to finish, as well as have some collaborations in the pipeline with Task Horizon and Ekwols to wrap up. On top of that we have an OST LP we are currently writing for the Freaked Fleapit Video Game.

James: We’ve all had an incredible experience collaborating on this track, and the response has been something else too! Plus, we’re all good friends with one another, so the possibility is always there. But I think I can speak for everyone and say that there’s a very high possibility that we’ll do something else in the future together.


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