Magnetude – Falling (Audio Remix) [Evolution Chamber]

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Greetings fam! What a banger this one is. Today I share Magnetude – Falling (Audio Remix) [Evolution Chamber]. And some Q&A with Audio! The drum and bass legend Audio adds his signature style and undeniable talent to this one. Bringing a fresh perspective to this beloved track he amplifies its energy and taking it to new heights.

Falling (Audio Remix)

Magnetude – Falling (Audio Remix) [Evolution Chamber] takes the track to an exhilarating new dimension. Audio’s reimagining infuses the original record with his distinct touch. Resulting in a sonic masterpiece that will ignite dancefloors worldwide. Starting off the remix begins with the signature vocals that lead listeners into a world of anticipation. Then it builds up to a dynamic chopped vocal and kick pause. Now the tension mounts during the breakdown as the track prepares listeners for an explosive climax. This remix unleashes a broken 2-step beat, which later transitions into a hard-hitting straightforward beat. Enriched with Audio’s renowned heaviness. Creating a relentless groove that will leave crowds craving more.

Q & A with Audio

Q: Hearing the original what was the first thing you wanted to add or change in your remix.

A: The original has been a favorite of mine since I was originally sent it. So it‘s never left my sets. Which is a rare thing. So putting my stamp on it was not really something I thought about. I nearly turned it down because I hold the original in such high regard. The guys at Evolution Chamber are very persuasive.

Q: Is this a remix you were asked to do?

A: Yes James hit me up randomly one day and dropped the bomb. And like I said before I had to actually think about whether I wanted to remix it. So I made a few versions until I was happy. And I nearly said I don’t want to do any more lol. But I put my toys back in the pram and got it done.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the original track?

A: The main vocal is great. But it’s the chopped vocal on the drop that I like about the original. And it always goes off. It’s just pure energy.

Q: Are there any of your tracks that you’d maybe like Magnetude to remix?

A: I’ve not even thought about that to be honest. But I’m sure there’s something out there I’ve done they would smash. And I’m sure it won’t be long before they do.

Q: How long before we get another album from you?

A: Currently in the process of doing one as we speak , looking to be out next year sometime. Plus loads more remixes and other Killbox projects to finish. I like to keep busy.


Magnetude – Falling (Audio Remix) [Evolution Chamber] drops tomorrow November 10th 2023! Click here to purchase the download or to stream! Do not miss out on this one!

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