Magnetude & Julia Marks – Dead Leaves [Lifted Music]

by | May 24, 2017 | Tunes

When I heard that DNB heavy weights Rusy K, James Overtech, and Lifted Music were getting together, I felt the frame work of the DNB community tremble. What monstrosity of a project could this possibly birth? Would it even be a DNB project? For months I followed the whispers and rumors until finally, Magnetude was unveiled. To my absolute satisfaction, my ears were blessed with a collaboration clearly aimed at pushing the boundaries of dance floor focused Neurofunk Drum And Bass. Now, on the cusp of their second EP “Dead Leaves / Now Run”, the boys over at Magnetude stretch the legs out on their audio beast.

“Dead Leaves” opens with a music box piece you imagine you’d find contained within the Hellraiser puzzle box. Haunting vocals from the multi talented Julia Marks immerse you in the thick cinematic soundscape. The intro deconstructs into minimal whispers and piano notes before screaming you into the first dance section. Bass hit after bass hit drills the listener, chained together by unique stand alone fills and percussive transitions. Next, a groovy two-step section rolls you out into the breakdown where you’re presented with a halftime bridge that will bring you to your knees.

I personally strive to be “the Dj’s, Dj”. When I listen to their previous and latests outings, I feel like Magnetude is encompassing “the producer’s producer”. “Dead Leaves” is a track that feels so meticulously put together. All spaces filled and all parts serving a purpose. Every corner of the sonic spectrum has had hands on work to create a cohesive masterful piece of music.

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