Majistrate, Tsuki & Upgrade – Re-Fixes Part 2 [Low Down Deep]

by | May 8, 2018 | Tunes

Spotlight Low Down Deep on the SoundCloud profile, Logan D insists on bringing back ten year old Jump Up Drum And Bass back from the vaults with a new take with some of the biggest names in spectrum. Pasco’s “What’s The Difference” gets a fresh twenty eighteen rework from Upgrade. Pasco tunes off Low Down Deep were honestly my first introduction to the genre, anxiously awaiting the remix to “The Trick” that has been floating around to surface. Majistrate easily being one my favourite all time Drum And Bass producers put that “Moose Knuckle” bit to work with his remix while maintaining the original piece, too many remixes take away from the original tune some times which ultimately defeats the purpose of the remix to begin with. Along with the likes of Low Down‘s Tsuki on a twist to the regularly rinsed Heist tune “Against The Grain” that actually just saw a VIP release out on the VIP EP on the label. I was really looking forward to that Majistrate remix and by the looks of it(and the sound) Low Down Deep is on top of their game and I expect nothing but the biggest releases from the digital label for the rest of the year!

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