Majistrate, Voltage – Diamond EP [Low Down Deep]

by | Jan 26, 2017 | Tunes

Here is a collab I definitely was not anticipating. Ian Majistrate the don and “King of The Rollers” Voltage come forth with this extra large 2 track ep on the Precious Gem Series, Low Down Deep ya heard. I’m so fortunate of this release, I’ve been playing old rolling Majistrate tuna for the last month. Step Up & IT VIPs. Even that Car Jackin VIP with Lo’gwan D is absolutely ridiculous. But the amount of Voltage tunes I carry with me to shows is equally as large, but definitely not as unique as these bits. Extra large player down below lads.

Face The Pressure

Majisti distortion on the intro, Voltage rolling drums on the income. But, somethink different? Not bad neither. It rolls and I’m with it. Going to be the first time I enter a Majisrate & Voltage tune in my wallet. If that wasn’t exciting enough on its own merits. This very well could be the opener for my set this Friday. Big ups gents I look forward to see more collaborations from the lot. You can catch the flip down below and you can head over to LOW DOWN DEEP to pick up this gem.

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