Makoto – YGMYC

by | May 24, 2016 | Tunes

A couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to catch the legendary Makoto at the West Coast Weekender in San Diego CA, needless to say he lived up to everything I had anticipated. I am a long time fan but never had the chance to hear him play a dj set in all the years of being involved with the music, so you could imagine there was a lot of build up to this in my mind. The man (Makoto) was like a calm breeze, raining groovy drum and bass on to his audience, playing all of his greatest hits and remixes with smooth precision, It was pretty awesome. Just days before his #WCW appearance, I picked up Liquicity’s Escapism 3, right in time to add some bits to my set for that same show. It’s melodic, it’s got soul, it’s mature… its straight liquid dnb. Makoto Comes through with “YGMYC” and to me, it is the stand out tune of the album. It sounds like drum and bass made by the people who inhabit the mountain on the album cover. In this song he has a way of creating builds and breaks that level off into these deep, string driven bars, and when the beat drops, it is most defiantly one to get your feet moving. I really dig everything this guy produces so this a biased opinion, but from his jazz influenced breakbeat sounds to the heavy liquid funk he is most known for, Makoto has shown us time and time again that he represents the foundation of breakbeat/drum and bass culture every time he puts out music , and we should be listening. So..Buy this and play it loud.

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