Malux – Alien Forces [Get Hype]

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Tunes

We’ve made it to 2019! This year is already looking to be huge with plenty of clips floating around the net of absolute fire tunes. My first track in review this year comes from one of my producers to watch, Malux. His chaotic but controlled signature style has had me hooked since his debut. His three part “Destroy The Machines” is dropping on Get Hype over the next 30 days. My cut for this week “Alien Forces” is an in your face dancefloor thrill ride that encompasses all that I love about the budding producer.

“Alien Forces” opens with a shimmering metallic overtones. Mid range stabs filter in as a tight 2 step beat is introduced. The track builds to the drop with “the planet was attacked by alien forces” ringing out before pushing you over the edge. A whipping bassline lashes out at the listener and energy surges to full tilt. In classic Malux fashion the initial elements of the tune are increasingly augmented from bar to bar as your taken deeper into the track.

Malux is currently pushing a sound that i’m centering a lot of my sets around. His forward thinking ideas and incredibly crisp production create a great foundation for inspiration when making tracklists. Be sure to keep your ears on this powerhouse producer throughout 2019 as the best is certainly yet to come.


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