Malux – Clone (Terminal)

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Tunes

From one of the most driving forces in the drum and bass realm currently, the mad scientist team over at Terminal have been pushing the most cutting edge music in months past. With zero signs of lifting their foot off the pedal the recent unclassified files of the Node 0X00A EP have caused shockwaves around the globe with its world devastating payload. Some of the scenes top agents have contributed their part and have revealed their true intentions…

Our agent in review today is a man who goes by Malux. He is on international watchlist’s both human and cyborg for distribution of energy manipulating sonic weaponry… The energy detected in our database named ” Clone ” starts off with a chilling cyber noir scene that puts you in a back alley outside a gambling hall full of robo thugs and bounty hunters. The piano strikes and echos into the distance and a guitar like sound comes in and chugs scenically plays a gritty yey classy tone into the foreground. The atmosphere breaks into a bone chilling orchestral display with thunderous percussion bearing down before entering the dance with a 2 stepping drum pattern and snappy drums. You can almost see these cyber criminals getting down to the groove of Clone. High pitched radar like synths probe the area for life as the tune progresses.

Find out more about this action noir thriller of an EP here….

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