Malux – False [C4C Recordings]

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Tunes

Raw excitement. That’s the only way I can describe my feelings when I saw Malux’s “False” was finally on the cusp of release. “False” first debuted as the opening track for Malux’s initial Bad Taste Podcast(15). I was completely blown away by the sound design and level of production. Ultimately, it was this first impression of Malux that kept me searching for more of his tracks over the following year.

::Here is a clip of the Bad Taste mix featuring “False” as the opening track::

The tune opens with a sci-fi laden soundscape. Aggressive but precise drums are quickly introduced as the track approaches the first breakdown. The beats and bass slowly filter in before you’re hit with absolute Drum And Bass fury. Malux’s prowess in sound design shines bright with a strong bass riff that has been effortlessly wrestled under his complete control. Additionally, his subtle yet brilliant use of accented drums gives the track a cunning ruthlessness not often expressed in dancefloor focused tracks.

Malux is proving to be a name I feel I wont run out of praise for. As he continues to release his arsenal of completed tracks, we are sure to been in for a hell of a listening experience.

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