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Welcome once again! We share another fresh track released just this month. MaluxMammoth [Evolution Chamber] is making huge waves with this one! And we get some insight from the producer himself. Malux, also known as Skope, is a visionary Drum and Bass artist. With a discography spanning across esteemed labels such as Blackout, Eatbrain, Vision! His ability to seamlessly blend complex soundscapes with relentless energy has garnered him a dedicated global following. Malux  Mammoth on Evolution Chamber showcases his signature sound and boundary pushing production. Lets dive into to some Q&A with Malux.

Q & A with Malux

Q: How long have you been on your drum and bass journey?

A: I started getting into it when I was 16 so around 18 years ago now!

Q:  When and what made you decide to become a drum and bass producer?

A: My tastes have varied a lot over the years and I had been making dubstep and other types of bass music for a little while before I was confident enough with drum and bass production. It was always something I wanted to do since first getting into it. There was just a huge learning curve to get to the level I wanted to be with sound design and production.

Q: How do you continue to push the envelope in your productions?

A: I tend to let my tracks be guided by sound design. So I won’t get into writing an idea until I have some sonic tools to make something interesting.

Q: What would you say have been your biggest achievements so far, on your musical journey?

A: Remixing Noisia was a real honor for me as they were responsible for my love of sound design and crazy noises!

Q: What was the inspiration, if any, for Mammoth?

A: I just wanted to make the most obnoxious foghorn I could! The working title was Fogporn for a while.

Q:  Compared to other record labels what stands out the most when producing for Evolution Chamber?

A: It’s nice to work with a label who are always keen for the next track and want to push and promote you as much as possible. I feel like they really give a lot to their artists.

Q: Do you have any plans for the near future?

A: Release more music, I have been stockpiling a bit so I have lots on it’s way!


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