Maniatics – Better Time/Fear of Falling – Dirtbox Recordings

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Now you can imagine how excited I was to get this release land in my inbox as I’ve been a fan of this Spanish duo for some years now.  With heavy yet quirky beats which really stand out among a lot of the tunes available, the Maniatics are definitely someone you need to check out if you haven’t already.  

This two track single is coming to your USB stick on 21st July 2023 from Dirtbox Recordings and I can tell you one thing, BELIEVE THE HYPE!

The first track on the single, Better Time is organised chaos with some stinking reeces and hectic beats which if you aren’t careful will catch you off guard and slap you right in the face.  Absolute banger and I can’t wait to get it played loud and live!

Next up is Fear of Falling which has quite a funky space age vibe to the intro with then quite a sinister drum beat taking you toward what you expect to be absolute destruction of your ears.  What a slapper when it does.  A muted but distorted drum beat comes in which is such a stepper, it almost catches you unawares really.  The distortion on this track really adds a wicked thickness to this tune and you can just imagine it thumping in an underground club with condensation dripping off the ceiling with every thump of that industrial sounding beat!

Make sure you get this release on the 21st July!  Link to Dirtbox Beatport below

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