Mass – Murder EP [Liondub International]


Liondub welcomes young Bournemouth, UK producer Mass to the label and presents a deadly 6 track EP.

Mass is definitely rising in the Drum & Bass scene. His releases on Diamond Audio, Low Down Deep and now Liondub International are receiving support across the board. These tracks are not for the faint of heart and will surely devastate any system. 6 deadly Jump-Up cuts with vicious drum work, heavyweight subs, and surgically carved top b-lines. These bits will do damage, and Mass is definitely one to watch.

With this EP, Mass has carved out a playful, high-energy jump-up vibe with videogame fx and supercharged drums. The early tracks use a melodic FM bass with different flavors of crunch and wide distortion that establishes his big, signature sound. “Gats In Ya Rats” and “Crime Scenes” are huge, steppy bangers that will definitely get you on your feet. Mass flexes the distortion tastefully on these basslines and the percussion is mighty and deliberate. “Supply The Heat” and “Murder” are pushing more of a big rolling energy between the percussion and bassline that sounds like it would smash a party.

While the variety of sounds in some songs follow an arcade motif, other songs like “Cartoon” and “Wars” exhibit the dancehall ragga sound that the Liondub label is particularly known for. With “Wars” even taking on a more minimal approach to the drums incorporating reeses and hoover basses alike.

Overall, I think my favorites are definitely “Gats In Ya Rats” and “Supply The Heat“. The first one feels like a fresh and well-executed take on the clownstep style of Jump-Up. The second for the BRE (or Big Roller Energy) that it possesses. The sound of this EP is definitely massive and these tracks are sure to push a sound system. Keep an eye out for this young artist as he is sure to be a force to reckon with.

Mass – “Murder” EP will be available tomorrow, May 1st on Liondub International.

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