Matrix & Futurebound – Scatterbrain [Viper Recordings]

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Tunes

Much can be said about the duo that consists of Jamie Quinn & Brendan Collins. The legendary duo has been cranking out high caliber production dance floor smashers for nearly 11 years together at this point. Tunes like “Happy Alone” and “Control” are the type of tunes that get stuck in your head for weeks at a time. Feel good vibes and emotions we can all relate to, but its not all emotional dance floor jams. Tunes like the epic roller that is American Beauty VIP, Knite Riderz first put me on to the many years ago and with their release of “Glow Worm” last year solidified a place for their tunes in my sets for gigs to come. This time around we take a look at “Scatterbrain” .

“Scatterbrain” starts off the summer with a largely intense intro of carefully calculated pad progressions and an introduction of new synth stabs reverbing in the foreground bringing in a sense of epic intentions. The tune rolls into a bouncy and yet deliriously confusing synth progression with a fat bass line still biting into the soundscape. The brilliantly dissociating main leads of “Scatter Brain” paints a clear picture in my head of a raver billowing around slightly off his rocker stumbling around festival grounds during peak set times and being lured into the array of flashing lights and spectrum of sound. This could be reminiscent of the releases artwork being a angler fish and the way they entice their prey with luminescence much as this tune draws in a rocking dance floor amidst the dark of the night.

This release is another big notch in Matrix and Futurebound’s belts and showing Viper Recordings keeping that excellent track record of quality dance floor inspired Drum and Bass smashers.
Im certain this tune will be banging from coast to coast in many countries around the globe this summer, its in my crate for sure.

Scatterbrain is out now on Viper Recordings and can be purchased through many online music retailers. Be sure to grab this one.

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