Maverick Soul – Lovespace EP [Emcee Recordings]

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Tunes

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, Maverick Soul has been producing soulful sounds for the last two decades. His style stems from a childhood of jazz piano study, playing alongside childhood friend Jeff Gitelman (The Stepkids), mixed with growing up on the east coast during the Hip Hop golden years. In that time his style has evolved into a raw biting yet soulfully sweet production style.

His newest effort, the Lovespace EP is being released next week on scene staple Emcee Recordings. This 6 track collection is comprised of music that is both personal and intimate but also tough enough to move the sweatiest of dances. From the deep rolling vibes on “Move On” to the sweet soul sounds of the title “Lovespace” track, to the amen’s and drums of “Second Chances” that seem more celebratory then confrontational, this EP is music that is meant to be both heard and felt.

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