Maztek feat June Miller – Blaffer [EATBRAIN]

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Tunes

From the creative minds that have brought you countless works of incredible neurofunk drum and bass. Maztek and June Miller have teamed up to make one of the fiercest tunes of the summer. Eatbrain has been building an empire forged in steel and futuristic sound design that aiming to bring the sounds of other worlds straight to you ears. This time is no different with a select tune of Maztek’s new “Grinder EP”.

The subject of dissection today in “Blaffer”. The tune starts off with an eerie and theatrical sound scape taking you to a darker realm. The tension builds as the tune hits off with a potent kick drum that potentiates with ascending synths in the background. June Miller’s signature percussion can be heard in the build with a snare so tight and punchy it could knock down a wall. The drum roll builds as the drop targets in, descending reese bass blasts into an onslaught of steppy and precise synths obliterating all that stands before it. A fat cowbell is put into the equation and adds to the steppy vibe. The tune breaks into its next sequence as high-pitched synth stabs aim to raise hell on the dance floor. “Blaffer” breaks back down into its Sci Fi inspired soundscapes preparing the stage for a hefty switch up in the second drop.

The entire “Grinder” EP is another step forward in the case of drum and bass’s future with incredible sound. This one is certainly not to be taken lightly in any way, shape, or form. Follow Eatbrain’s soundcloud for more tunes off the Grinder EP to appear. Catch the full release August 15th and let the mayhem ensue.

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