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MC Dino has been one of the premier MCs on the stateside front since 1999. Spitting alongside the best that the worldwide drum ‘n bass scene has to offer including Andy C, Mampi Swift, Prototypes, Rinse, Friction, and Teddy killaz at some of the biggest festivals. Dino has been a resident MC of the infamous Insomniac and Bassrush brands. Dino has collaborated with the likes of Florida’s breaks king, DJ IceyGridlok and Blacklist. The upcoming year sees Dino back in the studio alongside Urban Aboriginee original, Curious MCJungle Punk Clothing is also on the rise.

When did you get your “lucky break” with Bassrush? What were you doing at the time that Bassrush called you on?

I played my first bassrush show in 99’ With DJ Fury… Right after we played Nocturnal Wonderland, i was blown away.. It was at a place called Q-topia and the crowd was insane.. A few days after that show i received a call from Pasqual asking if i would like to be a part of BASSRUSH, as a resident MC and part of the crew. I was floored and honored to be asked, so immediately i said yes.. Been friends with Pasqual and been a part of Bassrush ever since.

What is your history with Bassrush? Favorite performances?

Oh man i love being a part of Bassrush. I enjoy playing at a bassrush show so much..  Everything is done so well.   Sound, lighting, location, music… i mean i fall into a certain zone when i play at a bassrush show that i don’t get to often.. The love that everyone in Bassrush has for the music shows in the production and quality of it.. Its one of my Churches.. Ya know?  One of my favorite performances is in i think 2004 at Q-topia for a FUNKTION Weds with L.Double for a BBC live show. Oh man i was in the zone for that one..   Soooo good.. So funnnnn.

How would you say that “The Bassrush Experience” and events like Electric Daisy Carnival have impacted the United States dance scene?

Oh i feel EDC and the BASSRUSH experience have a direct impact on the direction of the Dance scene in America.  I mean Insomniac being one of the biggest and best Festival and concert promoters in the nation has made it like a goal to a lot of artists to play for.. Being that,  it has influenced a number of fans and music makers around the US.  to create sets and songs just to play at the Insomniac / Bassrush events.  That to me shows a huge impact to the music scene we are all in 🙂

MC Dino, you’ve spit alongside the best in the world. If you could choose a handful of artists to MC for, who would it be?

Oh man there are so many good ones… I love MCing for Andy C, Mampi Swift, Prototypes, Rinse, Friction, Teddy killaz…  anyone that truly understands that a MC when done right can add to the set and make the entire experience so much better… i mean DNB was started with a DJ and a MC.. but by far my favorite DJ to play a set has got to be DJ FURY from Denver Colorado.. We click so good and his ear for the music is amazing.

There is this debate of what makes a good MC. It’s no secret that you are loved. What do you feel is most critical in gaining the love of both artists and fans?

That is a good question, this is a huge debate and can be defined in many different ways depending on who is defining it…  But for me and what has worked for me in the time i have been doing it is to know the music and know when to stop…   A lot of MCs just don’t listen to the song they are playing on and just wanna make it a MC show … this is the problem .. this is a DNB show and relies on both the DJ and the MC to make it good..  Dont over MC.  Even the best MC if talking too much will sound horrible.  Also know your music.. Know when to cut out and to come back in.. music theory…. Ya know? Also read the crowd, know when to hype them up and know when to leave them alone.. It’s not about you at this point. it’s about the sound and the feel.. If you control that, you will look good to them.. But most of all keep an eye on the DJ so he can lead you to know when to cut out too.. You don’t know the set he has planned, so be open to him giving you eye contact and direction.  Make your rhymes and voice sound inside the song (set), not over the top of it.. The more you make your voice sound like it was part of the tune, the better you’ll be sounding. 🙂 and last but not least, make sure you have MIC CONTROL.. Know how to EQ Ur voice and know your volume level and when you are too loud or too quiet…

You’ve been quite busy on the production front as well, putting out multiple tracks over the last few years. What’s going on?

This Winter, i am taking less shows and trying to write more..  I have been working with a bunch of new artists to try to release some new DNB and Hip Hop…I also have a new EP i am putting out in March.  All original and produced by me..  I also have a few side projects i am going to be releasing more music with… Be on the lookout for “The Savages” and “Social Experiment” in 2017 🙂

Urban Aborigine gets mass respect from me for all of your efforts over the years. What’s up with the crew now? What projects do you have going on?

A lot of the crew have moved on to different things but there is a few still pushing music and creation.

 Curious MC and me have a side project called The Savages.  Stienski is still making amazing music.  You can catch his new stuff here… – the one to be watching out for is my son, Ethen, MC ERB. He is killing it right now with music..  Go have a listen

What would you say are five drum ’n bass tracks that have changed your life?

Oh man that is a good one.. Ok here we go..

Shy FX – Original Nuttah
Andy C and Shimon – Body Rock
Concord Dawn – Morning light
Ak1200 – Drowning
Ed Rush n Optical – Pacman

Anything else to add?

I have recently re-released my clothing line, JUNGLEPUNK Clothing.. Take a look. We have some amazing stuff.. 🙂

Junglepunk Clothing/Urban Aboriginee/Soundcloud/Beatport/Facebook/Twitter


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