Mean Teeth – Bring Back the Funk LP Part 3 [C4C Recordings]


The Baltic boys Mean Teeth are back at it again with the 3rd part of their long-awaited LP Bring Back the Funk on C4C Recordings. As with part 1 and 2, the boys continue to put the “funk” in the word neruofunk with 4 new tunes that are tried and true stompers.

Starting the EP off is 3 Minutes which is an honest to god neuro stomper. Starting with a no-nonsense build that quickly launches into a nasty heater of a track. With strong synths, punchy drums, and popping snare, this is a wonderful track to rinse, spin, and double drop.

Next up on the list is Erosion. With a little bit of longer intro, this track sets the mood with ambient synths but slowly building to “funk with it”. And boy does this track make you want to FUNK with it. Featuring a stuttering shuffling drumline and a nice metallic synth on top of it all, this track will surely bring the funk to your speakers.

Then we come to the awesome Shut Them Down. Starting with a powerful menacing intro which builds from crisp high hats and light brass that builds to a strong bass and stabby synths with rolling drums, this tracks launches into some powerful neurofunk action. When it hits, it doesn’t pull any punches, switching up the kick pattern of the drums every 16 measures, adding some killer variation in the track. And to add to the meatiness, the second half features some hot halftime action for the first 16 bars.

Lastly, we come to one of my personal favorite tracks for the year 2019, the aptly named Disco Action. The track starts with a funky bassline with a classic Fender P-Bass sound alongside some sensual synths, jazzy brass, and soul vocals for the first minute before the darkness starts to set in. Then it slams you in the face with some sweet dirty neurofunk, with stuttering drums, stabby synths, and strong bass. All the while, those funk elements being twisted into the song.

For all of you neurofunk junkies, this is one selection not to miss out on. Adding to the smashers that were part 1 and 2, part 3 of Bring Back the Funk continues to bring some pristine neurofunk tracks to the table. If you need some smashers to pound the dance floor but still add some freshness to your set, these tracks are what you have been waiting for!



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