MeFiOz ‘Apocalypse/Judgement Day’ [Shell Shock Recordings]


The first solo release from MeFiOz is available now on Shell Shock Recordings. This is a powerful pack of two tracks from a fresh face in the Russian drum and bass scene as MeFiOz is coming in, guns blazing, spinning his spine tingling tale through music is fierce fashion. Let’s take a look at what “Apocalypse” and “Judgement Day” have in store for the drum and bass world.

Solemn hats and angry basslines groan through the build on “Apocalypse”, picking up a beastly beat as they trudge on. Broken atmospherics create an eerie break as the instrumentals return, rebuilding toward the drop. Heavy industrialized kicks snap, broken and beefy as they thrust through the measures. Basslines screech and scream in return, wildly composed in this all out assault of sound design, caught in the crossfire as “Apocalypse” whips wildly with an aggressive mood. A breath in the breakdown as symphonic style takes over, slowing the groove to a slower half time tune, cavernous and deep only for MeFiOz to rebuild and brutalize the dance floor once more.

“Judgement Day” pounds through the intro with heavy beats, aggressive atmospherics and winding basslines that bend and twist to the drop elevating the intensity to the maximum level! Solid beats run the rhythm through the measures, ferocious and fierce, riddled with breaks, rolls, fills and all sorts of energy to bulk it up. Violent basslines thrash, wallop and blast between beats as the highs slips in and out, carrying mystic melodies in the distance. Brutal, heavy and fun MeFiOz has a fresh approach to obliterate the dance floor and keep the bins thumping with “Judgement Day”.

Grab your copy of MeFiOz’s “Apocalypse” and “Judgement Day” available now from Shell Shock Recordings.




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