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COLLAB ALERT! Mefjus & Icicle are here to bless us with their latest feat of technical prowess “Efficient”. Not only is this tune an absolute bomb, its also the first release on Icicles new imprint Entropy Music. When two producers with the reputations of Mefjus & Icicle get together, you know something special awaits you on the other side of the “play” button.

“Efficient” opens throwing you straight into the twilight zone. Synths stretch and shape, flexing the muscles of the engineers at the helm. The vocal hook “Its efficient” loops as the track builds into the first dance section. percussive bass stabs bombard the listener. The busy arrangement is instantly engaging, with elements constantly zipping in and out of the measures. Meticulously written cymbal and hi hat elements give the sections just enough movement the keep the soundscape uniform and evolving.

Mefjus & Icicle coming together is truly a spectacle in production and sound design. The finished product that is “Efficient” provides on all fronts. A perfect blend of both artists personalities delivered in an absolutely inviting track that will keep smiles on Dj’s and dancefloors faces alike.

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