Melanchol ‘Formation EP’ [C4C Limited]

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Melanchol is in the spotlight this week with the ‘Formation EP’ on C4C Limited bringing thick sounds, creative layouts, originality in technique and overall style in the theme spinning us back to the ever sought after sounds of mid 90’s tech step dnb. Melanchol has something those tuned to the dark side are absolutely going to love. Let’s get into the ‘Formation EP’.


A solemn build winds through “Formation” that is daintily orchestrated in covert fashion. The evil is seeping in, taunting the rhythm as it slithers to life. Pressure builds, bubbling up from the trenches into an explosive drop with the bass revving to full force between barbaric beat patterns on a mission of their own, pumping as they intertwine mesmerizing and bending the mind. The break comes just in time relieving the pressure with a calm tranquility and space to breathe before re-submerging the mix into “Formation’s” exhilarating power to annihilate the floor.



An evil entity growling from the darkness strikes attention to the build, surging amidst deep synths and nefarious vibes. The highs pulse hurriedly bolting toward the drop where the carnage unfolds. Whipping and slashing between dirty basslines and detrimental drums “Cubism” fluctuates furiously, the highs entertaining the merciless melody that parodies the dark tones that continue to consume from below. “Cubism” will dominate in the mix and nudge at the nostalgia with that gritty tech step style flowing through the track.



Steady beats throb through the intro in pursuit of the devious deity at the drop. Apparitious atmospherics give the build a kick and a quick vocal clip heightens the mood “Don’t let the ghosts and the ghouls disturb you… I don’t believe in ghosts” and we’re smashed right into the drop! Angry and aggressive “Ghosthunter” smothers the floor instantly as the bass attacks from all angles. The snares snip and snap through dark effects and balanced fills encompassing the composition in a ghastly display of immersive sound that strikes harder with every chord. “Ghosthunter” will open the door to the dark side; player beware!



Time is ticking as the beats build menacingly bringing a moody yet funky groove to the mix that stalks through the build as forcefully ambiguous beats take control. Winding through the darkness the beast roars to life awakening the drop that flows furiously delivering punch after punch as “Pareidolia” pounces through the phrases. Bouncy but deeply dark and dirty bass design assumes control riding through this track as it pumps and thumps raising the adrenaline and intensity in the blend.

Melanchol has pristinely polished the ‘Formation EP’ stacking this in the bin of top tier tracks reviving the tech step sound with modern production and technique this one is a winner beginning to end.

Beatport Exclusive available now on C4C Limited


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