Melinki – Its A Shame [Emcee Recordings]

by | May 2, 2016 | Tunes

Sometimes you come across a song that you hear and instantly you know that it is something special. You just know that this one isn’t like the others. This one is going to smash it for years to come. Those were the exact thoughts I had the first time I heard “It’s a Shame” by Melinki which is forthcoming on Emcee Recordings

I heard Chef on Kool London drop it on his weekly Thursday show. I was sitting at my desk and I heard those early keys blend in and then it all stops and this big, chunky, distorted bass comes in with he female vocals and its just keeps building. It just keeps coming at you and then drops into this nasty stepper break with filtered Amen edits. The stuttered vocal sample riding over a relentless grinding bass is another layer of sounds and textures playing off of each other that adds up to one of the best songs I have heard top to bottom in a nice while. I predict this one will be on multiple peoples best of 2016 list. Yup, its THAT good. Watch out for this on the forthcoming “A New Horizon” EP that will be out later this spring/early summer on Emcee Recordings.

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