Memtrix – Oxidate [Viper Recordings]

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Tunes

Memtrix is back on Viper Recordings with another one of a kind hands up dance floor banger. His unique dark wave take on DNB makes his tunes instant stand outs. His ability to create blissed out reach for the laser vibes while maintaining darker vibes is unparalleled. This week in review, I cover “Oxidate”.

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“Oxidate” opens with soft droning vocalization. Hazy pads layer as the track begins to build. The tune builds as elements of the bass riff fade in. As you enter the first dance section the infectiously catchy bassline moves back and forth. Open synth stabs open up the end of the bars giving the track size and dimension. Throughout the tune the bassline is varied from section to section keeping the listener engaged.

I’m always looking for ways to bring new flavors into my sets. Memtrix is my go to producer when I want to create hands up euphoric moments on the dancefloor without getting to much cheese in the mix. His goth pop DNB fusion is potent and always creates the reaction I’m looking for. Be sure to keep your ear on Memtrix and the Viper crew as we enter the fall season!



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