Memtrix & Spor – Super Trace [Sotto Voce & Lifted Music]

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Tunes

While the spotlight has been noticeably pointed at Billain’s Colonize EP all week (and for good reason), legendary producer Spor and drum-and-bass-prodigy Memtrix have teamed up to bring us a massive double sided single.  I’ve been a fan Memtrix ever since the release From Roots to Wings on Breed 12 Inches, and I’ve been a following Spor since I was a wee fifteen year-old child; suffice it to say this release was a dream come true.  “Super Trace” perfectly demonstrates what a collaboration should sound like–one where each producer’s different sounds are seamlessly blended while still remaining unique and distinguishable.  The track brings the young energy and ever-changing song development you’ve come to expect from Memtrix, with the forward-thinking vision and superb production quality Spor is famous for.  These super-producers do, however, have similar styles and elements that they execute masterfully: aggressive bass lines, groovy rhythms, superb drum work, and catchy intros.  The song is very balanced and (from what I’ve read on social media) the producers seem to work together really well.  I would imagine this musical point of agreement was one of the reasons they originally linked up.  All in all Darkest Hours is a seriously solid release and I’m very interested to see if these producers continue to work together in the future.

I give the song an 8/10 and would encourage you to go check out the A-side as well.
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