Merikan – End of the Line [Blackout Music NL]

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Tunes

Blackout Audio has built a world class reputation in the Neuro Funk scene. With consistent, premium grade tracks, DJ’s and listeners world wide quickly position most releases on retailers top 10 lists. On their latest feature, “Evolutions 3”, Merikan’s “End Of The Line” carriers the torch.

The track opens with a glassy synth pad. Higher frequency reeling synths carry the track into the first dance section. Whipping stabs and a growling basslines set an impressive menacing soundscape while maintaining a fierce grip on the dancefloor. Throughout the measures the arrangement of the track is varied, keeping your listeners glued to the speakers and you’re crowd moving. Climbing synth notes and a drilling bass growl add the finishing touches to an absolute bomb of a tune.

Merikan holds a firm location on my radar after this outing. I have had a ton of fun playing this track at my last couple of gigs. Make sure to take “End Of The Line” for a spin at your next gig and watch for the reactions as they’re guaranteed to be pronounced.


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