Metanoia ‘Clockwork EP’ [Blackout Music NL]

by | Feb 16, 2023 | News, Reviews, Spotlight, Tunes

A new project is on the rise ready to ravage the scene as the combined efforts of Smooth and Wooga merge to form Metanoia. This revitalizing two track release comes to Blackout Music this Friday and it’s quite the entrance into DNB for this new duo. Let’s check out “Clockwork” and “Empirical” now!


“Clockwork” chugs to life as thick beats build amidst atmospherics welcoming a solemn melody to the mix as the energy swirls to the drop with a powerfully electric force. Beats break and rebuild as a slick composition unfolds ready for a punchy neuro snap to take control with a wild detailed style as it bounces on. The drums dice and dive through the measures, broken by serious effects that slay in the mix and stylish fills. The bassline keeps the bounce rolling along with a steady pull and warm energy to engulf the dance. Metanoia is showcasing a sophisticated style and top shelf technique in the first track; there’s some serious chemistry in the artistry with this new project!


“Empirical” bubbles to life slowly as the suspense thickens; cinematically building as a moody, symphonic power controls the mix with earth shattering intensity chasing the drop anxiously. Forceful beats blast, broken and severed with fills boosting the energy even more through a ferocious flare and detailed drum patterns that pour into the composition. A serious snap on the kicks combined with a temperamental melody increase the emotional pull with the sound surging from all angles for high level heat in the dance on “Empirical”.

Don’t miss the first release from Metanoia on Blackout! PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE and as always keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass for more!


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