MethLab // 2 (Bad Taste Recordings)

by | May 7, 2016 | Tunes

They mighty MethLab is back for part 2 of their series on Bad Taste Recordings. This release is jam packed with 7 amazing tunes from some of the best in the business. Featuring tunes and co-labs from artists such as, Current_Value, Billain, Optiv & CZA, Machinecode, Disprove, Audeka, Signal, Rawtekk, Kursa and Faek. This is some seriously intense sound design going on here!!!

Let’s start off with the 4 tunes that have been revealed so far. Signature is a co-lab tune from the likes of Machinecode and Disprove. This tune has the feel of a dance floor smasher. With heavy techy vibes and massive bassline motion. This tune delivers the heavy hitting style I love so much. Next up we have Ritual – Disprove, Signal & Audeka. This track goes deeper into the dark side of DnB. With growling synths and low end drum work, it’s an exciting track to play. Now we move over to the all mighty Billain with his contribution called Metal Jaws. Now if you know anything about Billain you already know this tune is going to knock your socks off in true Billain fashion. Heavy techy vibes run solid through this one. Kursa and Faek step up with their tune Behind This Door. One of my favorites so far off this album. I always dig a good fast paced bouncer. This one defiantly fills that space for me. Fast moving drums with a simple drum and bass pattern that moves your soul!!!

With the partnership between 3 of the biggest labels in DnB know as Terminal. Which is Methlab – Bad Taste Recordings – Eatbrain. There is some seriously heavy tech vibes rolling out of these 3 camps and together. I cant wait to see what they come up with. So far it has been everything I have hoped for. Make sure you go out and swoop this MethLab // 2 release!!! You wont be sorry!!

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