Methloudix & ZedBerg – Local Thug [COVET]

by | Mar 4, 2023 | Tunes

Calling out to all the drum and bass hoodlums. We share with you another fresh track. Watch out for the Local Thug by Methloudix & ZedBerg out now from the COVET label. The duo’s come together to cause some raucous. The up and coming artists show they’re production skills with highly aggressive mannerisms. Amplifying their tone of voice. Causing the listeners to get addicted to the heavy bass frequencies. Local Thug will make you dance like a nervous victim. Dodging bullets aimed at the feet. You wouldn’t even want to be in the same room lest you succumb to threatening vibes. These are some bad dudes ready to intimidate you into hitting the dancefloor. Giving it all up. These guys are committing acts of severe bass to the face.

Local Thug is the equivalent of an intimidating energy given off by a bad man. First starting off with a brooding atmospheric and eerie pads. Percussions are filter passed and sound effect one shots are added building up to the drop. Then the chuggy rhythmic bass hits mean. Now deep sub and dirty mid frequencies ride the beat. Distortion starts static like rude boy with bad intentions. Menacing melody is heard with the top lead. Bringing it to the break small but effective changes from the intro raise the intensity once again. This track can be found here for purchase along with other works and free promos. Don’t miss out on bad boy.

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