Metnem 007 : Sounds for 3077

by | May 12, 2020 | News, Spotlight, Tunes

Metnem travels back to the present to declare state of #Cyberneuro in 2020. By using music society to alter the future.

Its time for a radical change of ideas when it comes to the concept of a label… Unlocking the full potential of forward thinking artistic capabilities in the realm of media.  Every member of the Metnem collective has their eyes set in the far future, Codex, Bohemian, Billain, Hermetik, Kodin, Netics, Machine Cult, VRH, and many, many more…..

“We want to upgrade what idea of labels, genres and what AV stands for. We want to disclose the meaning of a label, and step up with being a sci-fi production base that believes in new creativity, transcend genres and unify it into a movement. This means that Metnem is transcending to new grounds. Our music and our visuals will carry the name tag #cyberneuro, as all of our members are involved either in film , game and IT industry, magnetized to science fiction. To have a movement that releases both music and visuals equally is quite a refreshing ground for everyone, therefor we invite all visual and sonic artists to join our timeline. “

With zero regard for current trends and happenings in the land of music Metnem aims to blaze its own path in the #Cyberneuro scape creating not only just a label but a place for its members each entrenched deeply in Sci-Fi & Cyberpunk culture, from Graphic Art, Audio-Visual displays, Anime, Film, and Gaming industries the unity allows the collective to move swiftly on a different level of 5th dimensional operations. The invitation is yours if you so choose…

The seventh entry into the Metnem story starts with a narrative short concept for Bohemian and Hermetik with imagery woven from past and future releases story wise.

MTNM 007 incident 2315/2 features intricate visual works by concept artist Luka Rakovic, by Oscar winning compositor and freelance 3d animator Djordje Milasinovic from Weta digital, and motion / AAA Sound designer Adis Kutkut Billain has paved the story and sound for it.

Only the future knows what it holds for Metnem.. more to come in due time….

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