Metrik – We Got It feat. Rothwell (S.P.Y Remix) [Hospital]

by | Feb 26, 2017 | Tunes

One of the hottest tracks off of Metrik’s Life/Thrills album, S.P.Y takes it to the next level with a remix that will absolutely shatter your world. The under layer of bass through the entire track is the marquee of the remix. His rework of the club anthem this one rolls so deep you can feel it in the back of your spine.

The power vocals at the beginning sends a chilling message that can only make you thirsty for more. S.P.Y articulates a drop at 1:15 is heavier then a ten ton piano, leading into the break with the rolling bass thunder.

It will really hit you in the feels after the second drop. While it’s a repeat of the first the ending vocal layer, which much like the original – packs a punch . S.P.Y imposes the rave piano at the tail end with the gliding form. Not to much surprise it ends with a finish that one can only think it was made in heaven.

Overall this is one of the best reworks that has been done in the past year. This is one of those tracks that will serve you up the best vibe in a club at the late hours that will absolute smash. I can absolutely see myself keeping it on deck all year, absolute banger.

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