Misanthrop – Big Data [Blackout]

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I love Neurofunk. I love Neurofunk. I love Neurofunk. I really love Neurofunk. Did you know that I loved Neurofunk? The title of this release says it all “I NEED MORE”!

Holy shitballs this track rips through your speakers like a hallow point bullet through your face. This track has all the making of what could be one of the largest anthems of the year, and it is coming on one of my personal favorite labels, Blackout. This style of drum and bass will always hold true to be king (to me) as its not only beautifully crafted, but it pushes forth that aggression, and fast paced nature that I love in my music. Stoked for this one, and I think everyone knew that Misanthrop would come with some amazing tunes. 100 stars out of 5. Great job guys!

From their Soundcloud

BLCKTNL018: Misanthrop – I Need More

We’re happy that the 18th release on our label will be
from our german friend Misanthrop. We really like what
he has been doing lately and how he merges his ideas
with his music.

This EP is dirty and we hope you love it like we do!
feedback is appreciated!

01 – Misanthrop – I Need More
02 – Misanthrop – Capitalism
03 – Misanthrop – Big Data
04 – Misanthrop – Rock’n’Roll

Release Date:
Beatport: April 19th
Worldwide: May 3rd


Black Sun Empire:


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